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r4dr ("radar") is a set of data and tools for doing analysis of topic trends in major news headlines as expressed in RSS feeds of various outlets. It is part of a data-collection project coordinated by the Communicative Mind Laboratory in the Department of Communication at UCLA. See the Mode Analytics report below for some detail and examples.

NB: r4dr is intended as a small-scale project, tractable for quick text-based analysis, and is inspired by other exciting and much larger projects hosted in the Dept. of Communication, such as the UCLA Library Broadcast NewsScape from other greatSteen and Groeling.

Data and Structure

Available data: 118,203 stories
Top RSS story sources in r4dr from 2017
: LA Times (about 11,000 stories), Business Insider (9K), Independent UK (8K), Mashable (7K), Newsweek (7K), CNN (7K), NY Post (6K), Bloomberg (5K), New York Times (5K), Variety (5K), BBC (4K), ABC News (4K), MSNBC (4K), and more.
We have a prepared sample of 2017 data, from August to December, containing over 100,000 stories. Each is tagged with source, title, RSS summary (often just a paragraph), rate of social media sharing upon release, and date. These can be processed in various ways to generate telling proxy variables for the emergence of particular issues in the media, the rise and fall of attention, and so on. See the Mode example above for a quick preview.

Mode Preview in COMM 188B-1

We are also using Mode Analytics, a powerful data-science startup that facilitates data sharing and the generation of reports. We have connected our subset of r4dr data into Mode. This will be demonstrated in Winter 2018 in COMM 188B-1 for the students of "Strategic Language."

Give It a Whirl

Below you can keyword search for trends from about August to December, 2017. Just enter keywords separated by commas. It will report back the % of stories showing these keywords. Click on the plot and it will reveal the stories (with links) for the closest date over your mouse click (limited to the 20 most-shared stories). Enjoy!